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chicago area as we continue to bake in the summer heat wave ... good afternoon i am steve sanders ... >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... james miller has a live report ... along with about 7000 comed customers across chicago land this woman woke up with no power
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this morning ... >>air-conditioner is that would normally be on full blast on a day like today were quiet one resident was not concerned about himself but about his dog and a set of power is not restored he would be forced to put up to board him ... >>about 400 comed crews worked overnight and to the morning to get customers back on line took several hours to repair but with extreme weather comes extreme measures ... someone near melrose actually took it upon themselves to borrow electricity from a neighbor across the street ... >>my neighbor told me that someone was running an extension cord to my home i went out to look i sought and note which are
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offered to buy at the neighbor some spirits for loading the electricity ... but this neighbor does not drink ... >>this woman remove the power cord and returned the power cord ... >>they could have knocked ... >>crews will continue to work through the day ... as for the man who stole that neighbors power he did not answer his door ... >>imagine sitting in a classroom on a day like today without air- conditioning some chicago public school students had to sweat through it until administrators came up with a relief plan ... julian crews has a live report at palpenn elementary school ...
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>>is classrooms are not air- conditioned ... and the children are inside the classroom slumped over their desk that's how hot it is >>if one school has air- conditioning in the public system they all should it's just not fair ... >>local council members and parents of the students here say it's in her rage that the school is not fully air-conditioned ... the library learning center has the air-conditioning as well as the principal offices the public school system had to bring in fans to of ventilate the an air-conditioned classrooms parents and local activists say that it's just not enough that over overall it's not just an issue of fairness is a health problem for kids that suffer from asthma especially ... >>to children when when he exhaustion yesterday it was a child sent home ill ...
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>>parents are upset because today they are taking standardized tests the children taking the illinois standardized tests at the school will have to do so in offices that are air- conditioned we were advised that the principle has cleared space to accommodate the testing but when we went to talk to the principle to get an on-camera interview we saw children inside the offices taking their tests but parents say that they are very cramped in the spaces and they're not large enough to accommodate all of the children taking the summer school class is here and the parents say that the larger issue of the classrooms what will happen in august when all of the children returned to school and its overcrowd it in this kind of heat ... live from lawndale i'm julian crews ...
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rainbow beach on the south side is open today but the park district still not recommending and once on their the red flag went down at the 79th street beach that was closed yesterday but it went up at the south shore beach that beach shutdown due to the high bacteria levels there are warnings that the beaches are still open at rainbow 63rd in 57 straight swimming's allowed their but not revised all of the other beaches are open and close at 7:00 tonight be careful out there ... >>with more coverage of the dangers temperatures on our web site ... a chicago man has been charged with trying to kill 2 chicago police officers 27 year- old daniel jones is charged with two counts of attempted murder a police officer the officers were on patrol near wilcox and karlov monday night when they saw what appeared to be a drug deal in progress. they try to question one of a man and he opened fire the officer was grazed in had the other shot behind the ear
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both are expected to recover the background on daniel jones includes felony convictions for drug and weapons charges ... police are also looking for the shooter that killed one man and wounded two people in joliet township 25 year-old grover pierce field was shot and killed inside a car outside of a family counseling center police it is with two other people waiting to pick up an employee at the trinity service center when someone walked up and fired several shots grover died and one of the surviving victims is in serious condition the other was treated and released ... >>a man accused of killing an honor student from the south suburbs is in court today to face murder charges authorities say that danielle dennis towne of stater was shot to death in kitty hawk north carolina last week about to stand in the trucker for france current virginia she had been visiting 19 year-old enrico moscaro in north carolina officers
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discovered a crime scene kittyhawk after the two failed to return from a trip there investigators track mascara to his car in virginia she graduated from bloom trail high school last month and was scheduled to start a college in wisconsin on a full scholarship this fall ... >>mayor emanuel and his wife amy have made a decision on schools for their children there will be attending the private university of chicago lab school in hyde park ... a controversial questionnaire for prospective chicago schoolteacher's is being criticized after several so- called agreed dream candidates flunk that the questionnaire called teacher fit tries to probe and applicants personality and attitudes not just academic records the chicago sun-times reports almost a third of the applicants who took the test this month have been told they score too low to be considered to hire some of the applicants
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who ruled that have already received job offers prior to taking that test the teachers' union is demanding the test be scrapped ... joy tempered with sadness the atlantis space shuttle mission came to and successful and but brought a close to the nasa shuttle program it wild leopard goes on a rampage in a village in india attacking residents and verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution.
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♪ ♪ i may be mud but i have standards.
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mops? please. some of them have bacteria. ♪ ♪ and they try to pick me up? ew. i'm really hard to get. uh! ♪ what about love?! ♪ [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet's antibacterial solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that mops can spread around. i like your pad! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back. the space shuttle landed safely in florida this morning and the an era in space travel ... the space shuttle atlantis touched down for the last time at the kennedy space center in nasa crews coming of the 13 day mission to the international space station. the mission
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marks the 135th shuttle flight in nasa history of the past 30 years. atlantis will be retired and put on display at the space center there in florida ... astronauts dan tani who is from lombard was at the landing and he had mixed emotions about the historic event ... it's a difficult time for all the workers down here at kennedy ... >>more than 2000 workers are getting pink slips private companies on their takeover trips to the international space station. and a compromise to solving the country's rising debt problem is being considered ... president obama says that he's now willing to agree to a short-term plan as long as it is tied to a broader plan that includes spending reforms and tax hikes the white house is hoping that a short- term lid with a president and lawmakers more time to hammer
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out a deal. one attractive proposal that these additional time to be hashed out is coming from a bipartisan group of senators known as the gang of six they are pitching reducing the debt by nearly four trillion dollars also calling for a one trillion dollar tax increase ... while high-level budget talks continue washington the federal reserve is preparing for the possibility that the talks will fail and that the nation will default on its debt payments the government is expected to run out of cash on august 2nd in the event of default the fed must decide which checks go out whether they are paychecks for government to police or social security checks and head of the philadelphia federal reserve says that interest rates may have to be raised before the end of the year ... if free-lance tv producer says that he met with casey anthony and she is willing to do an interview discussing her recent murder trial in exchange for $1 million al taylor said that he
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met with anthony in california he said she's willing to talk to reporters but her lawyer isn't so sure about that ... >>when i met with her the first thing she said was wears the check? >>taylor originally demanded that she take a lie-detector test as part of the interview now he says he might reconsider that he said that she's hoping to do the interview and a few weeks ... >>we go to india where leopard attacked a group of people and the incident was captured on tape ... the leopard was in the process of being transported to a wildlife sanctuary when it escaped people ran for safety and climbed on top of the cars or houses to get away from the animal 11 people suffered scratches and minor injuries some were able to fight the leopard off with knives and clubs and eventually it was tranquilized but later died from its injuries ... britain's phone hacking scandal is expanding to
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other newspapers the scandal over phone hacking by rupert murdoch's news of the world force the tabloid to shut down and prompted two top police officers to resign now police want the british information commissioner's office to hand over files on an earlier investigation involves a private investigator who sold illegally obtained information to news of the world the daily mail the daily mirror and other newspapers ... >>it looks like even the president of the night it states is not exempt from paying traffic fines once in awhile during a visit to london back and de president obama failed to pay a $16 congest in fate for his limousine nicknamed the beast so the president was slapped with a $200 fine london officials say that the levy the charge in order to keep streets less crowded during the workweek president obama has yet to address that situation ... >>the day's top business stories
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are next plus how to avoid air- conditioning repair scams and changes to what the tsa agent will be able to see when passengers go through a full body scanners
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where am i going, carl ? the next year... that was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ i'm angie lau all of bloombergof bloomberg.. ... at&t is a winner with earnings that reportersbeat analysts' estimates ... united continental
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airlines is also soaring with profits ... higher air fares helped counter the rising fuel costs they are dealing with a 47% jump in jet fuel ... we're heading into picture of a summer travel season an fares will remain up ... the national retail federation said that families this year's black pants are planning to spend less on back-to-school items ... consumers are increasingly using credit cards to pay for basic
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necessities ... in the weekly snapshot of the jobs market ... more americans fought for unemployment benefits last week and employers are reluctant to hire more workers on concerns that the recovery is slowing and the debt ceiling stalemate is making everyone nervous ... according to the federal housing finance agency u.s. home prices fell in may compared to year ago ... it all goes back to jobs and the economy ... with the index on the rise the better business pirro is warning
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customers to be on the lookout for air-conditioning scams in the past year there been 403 complaints filed against heating and air-conditioning companies that's 18 percent increase over last year ... they are reminding consumers to call around for quotes and to get details in writing before hiring anyone read the warranty coverage and ask about energy efficiency and tax credits ... a play-by-play announcer for a minor league team quits on the air and find out the beefy andf that he had with a team that was owned by kevin costner??>>xññ@@@@x
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a proposal requiring children under the age of 12 comply with a curfew for 830 during weeknights and 9:00 p.m. on weekends has been passed with the city council ... the chicago police department supports the idea which will find parents $1,500 if they have insufficient control over their children if they cannot afford it that parents are required to do community service ... this new rule would be presumably increasing the duties of police officers ...
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>>alderman and parents say that the top priority is to keep the kids safe ... in the wintertime is dark at a parityat 8:30 p.m. and i see children on the streets ... >>on the other hand we can be penalizing our kids for not being allowed to be outdoors in the summer months at that hour ... especially if they are just on the block with company ... >>i think it's good to do this kids need to be in the home supervised studying sleeping
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resting whenever ... >>there's no need for these kids to be out so late ... >>and will go into effect 30 days later if it's voted upon ... >>and 88 year-old shooting victim speaks out after being shot in the arm and witnessing a young man dying from his home arthur bridgeford was sitting on the front porch of his englewood, tuesday when a gunman opened fire on two teenagers one of them died theater survived bridgeford risk card in the crossfire himself struck in the right arm by a stray bullet >>i just happened to look up i saw blood and i said what's going on here ...
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>>bridgeford said that he lived in the same home for more than 50 years and the shooting will not deter him from entering his front porch ... >>new signs that the asian car problem is not going away the army corps of engineers says that nine water samples taken beyond electric fish barrier used to block asian car tested positive for them ... officials said berryman to keep the carp about is working perfectly at positive tests don't prove that asian carp are actually present it may be just that the dna got into the water seven of the positive tests came from lake calumet which feeds into like michigan ... >>the city of chicago workers had to take 24 unpaid days off in the name a financial savings but it turns out that it didn't really pay off the city's inspector general says that the furlough policy under former
12:27 pm
mayor daley will actually cost the city nearly $8,000,000.70 next three years the report says that city employees had to take comp time and set of overtime but they don't take that time that could eventually paid for it overtime rates ... >>and minor league baseball team on by kevin costner is facing a full-scale revolt players and coaches for the lake county fielders say the team stopped paying their travel and food expenses it all came to a head this week when the team's radio play-by-play man quit on the air ... >>most of the team's players have been cut or traded the president of the fielders says that the city of zion failed to finish a big new stadium that promise the team and the team would not have financial troubles of the that the revenue from those extra seats kevin costner by the way has no role in the day-to-day operations of the team ... >>exactly how tall is mount
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everest? that's the issue that nepal and china are looking to settle ... the world's tallest mountain straddles both countries' borders nepal has announced plans to remeasured it including how high it is with snow but china says it should be measured by its rockeye the official height of mount i'm just a piece of dust living at the corner of j and k spending too many nights alone at the spacebar. will love ever find me? ♪ ♪ oh yes! ♪ what about love?! ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer attracts dust. swiffer 360 dusters gets in hard to reach places. it picks up two times more dust than a feather duster using thousands of fluffy fibers to lock dust away. you're just my type! [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. every day you live with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis could be another day you're living
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that tom skilling ... >>we had 100 degrees yesterday at 311 in the afternoon at midway airport ... there are thunderstorms moving hand on mchenry county as we speak ... there was moisture coming through the rockies that joined with a low-level jet stream overnight ... the western midwest has complex formations ... cool air is coming down over this incredible hot air mass
12:32 pm
hanging over chicago that the stables the air and you start to see these thunderstorms ... there will be more vigorous cluster coming from the west overnight will get some pretty fierce rainstorms overnight into tomorrow we could sure use the rainfall ... we have an air pollution action de but the mixing of a thunderstorm should improve those conditions ... the heat wave is raging on across the country ... just about half of the country is under advisory is really hot in the upper 90s along the eastern
12:33 pm
seaboard ... the rain can be extremely heavy not everyone will see it it will be random ... we have a computer simulation that were showing you of where we project the rainfall to occur ... where all of this sets up will be interesting to observe ... we're looking at
12:34 pm
northern illinois where we have thunder and lightning happening developing into a storm cluster making its way eastward tomorrow it will not ran continuously but if you have outdoor plants this afternoon you will be able to stay a little bit dry ... be careful there will be lightening striking ... these hot air masses produce lots of lightning when the storms arrive ... we think 20 or 30 percent of our viewing area will be getting in on these downpours ... the thing is going to race eastward by mid or late morning and then we will get another cluster after lunch
12:35 pm
to the south of us we will have storms forming after that and the heat will build back into the area over the weekend ... the storm prediction center now has this and severe weatherthe chicago land area and a severe weather outlook area ... the index will show us at 111 degrees ... hopefully we will get that cooling effect tomorrow from all the rain ... we have weather stations registering at
12:36 pm
over 100 degrees out of ourat this hour ... the high temperature is 97 degrees tonight scattered thunderstorms partly cloudy warm and muggy with new thunderstorms late tonight into tomorrow morning the lote being 74 degrees ... downpours on and off throughout the day tomorrow the high tomorrow will be 93 degrees with mid-80s at the beaches it will then be hot and humid on saturday partly sunny isolated afternoon rain storms high is 90 degrees sunday may bring storms as well ...
12:37 pm
we may cool down by early next week but expect that he to be rebuilding ... is going to continue to be a hot summer by all indicators it's time now for today's trivia question: who said: " the cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing "
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12:40 pm
was one of the game scoreless in the fifth carlos quentin hit a solo home run to left field his second since the all-star break the royals would tie it in the eighth inning and with two outs in the 11th inning this pitch from sergios santos got away from a.j. and winning run scored the sox lost 2-1 and dropped 2 of 3 to the last place casey royals ... the hottest game of the year at wrigley field the taking on the phillies ... no score in the first inning michael martinez it's a routine popup. starlin castro calls for it but loses in the sun that led to an early phillies lead the next inning jimmie rollins doubled down the right-field line to try and run dempster lasted only three innings and gave up six earned runs the cubs lost 9-1 ... >>the nfl owners and a large media contingent arrived in atlanta today for meetings that
12:41 pm
started around 9 am central time this morning sources say that nfl commissioner roger could bell and nfl players director to maurice smith continued speaking this morning trying to iron out remaining issues the players and the owners work late into the night but could not resolve their differences to sign off on a new deal if the owners to vote today at least 24 of the 32 would need to locate that agreement ... good afternoon here the winning lottery numbers for thursday july 21, 2011 pick 3 winning numbers are 9 5 7 pick four winning numbers are 8
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out. tsa is changing the scanning software so instead of
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showing a naked image of the person being scanned it will just show it generic airline ever person instead. and passengers will be able to see the same outline as the tsa agent the officials say the new system is designed for more privacy at the same time they say that it maintains the same security standards. the agency will begin to use the software in the fall. >>parents and psychologists are starting to question the safety measures that some park officials have taken at playgrounds. hi monkey bars and a jungle gyms have been torn down because park officials feared children could get hurt and develop a fear of heights but psychologists say that the evidence suggests just the opposite that a child suffers about false less likely to be afraid of heights as a teenager critics say that kids who don't encounter risks grow up
12:46 pm
emotionally stunted ... >>on the medical watched the new study finds that all women are more likely to develop a range of cancers including cancers of the breast overeat uterus out all blood and skin researchers followed more than a million british women over about 10 years there reports that a woman's risk for cancer rises by 16 percent for every 4 in. increase in height regardless of age and alcohol consumption and other factors that typically linked to cancer risks ... >>get a bad night's sleep could make a person most hostile to friends and co-workers university of arkansas researchers conducted a sleep study involving college students there report that sleep deprived people are more likely to think about how events could have turned out differently and have situations could of been better depending on the outcome they may blame others and even seek revenge ... married men are
12:47 pm
healthier than men who are single, divorced or widowed in part because their wives urge them to get medical care a new study in the canadian medical association journal finds that married men are more likely to seek medical care after a heart attack and because they receive treatment sooner they're more likely to survive is not the same for women now researchers reported [ male announcer ]
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this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ ♪ meal ... executive chef greg elliott from lockwood restaurant at the palmer house hilton is
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here with us today ... >>we're making a spanish tomato the spaccia superthe spaccigazpacho soup.. we have a range of vegetables that we grow on a rooftop garden or we get from the farmer's markets ... these are some heirloom tomatoes we marinate the vegetables overnight in olive oil sherry vinegar and
12:51 pm
tomato juice garlic and some chilly flavor we also have salary herecelery and red onion mixed bell pepper.. we're chopping as not to fund the we're going to blend it altogether cucumber, a few cloves of garlic .. the-of pepper salt and chili flakes to taste.. we had to make it usadd tomato juice extra virgin olive oil and some sherry vinegar these and the
12:52 pm
ingredients that also are incorporated into the marinade that we use the night before ... you can see how the tomato releases some of those wonderful juices we popped the marinated vegetables into the blender ... you don't have to do a super fine puree the soup is perfectly ok if it is a little bit chunky ...
12:53 pm
we are going to prepare a garnish ... and representation of the vegetables that are in the soukp i also have a little bit of avocado along with the red onion bell pepper cucumbers salary and chopped heirloom to mesatomato and i am adding cilantro and parsley eye and a drizzle some olive oil and add some cretonneoutons.. we mix this to make a nice summer times alsor salsa..
12:54 pm
when you're over around with some money vegetables at this time of the year and things are so seasonal this is an excellent recipe and it requires no cooking and you can really utilize all of those farm stand produce finds ... we have sauteed some rock shrimp and those cretonnescroutons
12:55 pm
and the presentation is rounded off by a swirl of extra virgin olive oil ... lockwood restaurant is at 17 east monroe st. at the palmer house hilton in chicago for more information on today's recipe you can log onto the thank you gregitstit's so peaceful. i could
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stare at it all night. let's light a fire. anncr: some things are better left unseen. introducing hefty blackout kitchen bags. white bags can't hide messes like blackout bags. hefty! hefty! hefty!
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so, what are we going to do with this? i don't know. the usual? [ blower whirring ] sometimes it pays to switch things up. my - what, my hair? no. car insurance. i switched to progressive and they gave me discounts for the time i spent with my old company. saved a bunch. that's a reason to switch. big savings -- it's a good look for you. [ blower whirring ] [blower stops] the safety was off. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. and now the answer to today's trivia question: the answer oscar wilde ... a great line ... we are going to continue to bake
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in side of this humid air ... the storm cluster we are following is weakening but it's the first of many that will be firing in the next couple of days ... temperatures role remain in the '90swill remain in the 90's it is currently 99.2 degrees at midday and their triple digit heat index is everywhere ... over 100 at o'hare ... the winds are west by northwest at 16. the water temperature is
12:59 pm
up ... and we have lots of areas that are registering over 100 degrees right now ... it is 93 degrees at o'hare but the heat index like the set is up over 100 degrees ... here is the 74 cast: hot and humid tomorrow with the chance of thunderstorms in a cool down a little bit 95 degrees saturday 94 degrees sunday ... will cool down slightly but back into the '90s ... >>before we go out like to say happy birthday to re behind the camera have a great

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